Whether you are currently in high school or just entering the working world, a school based traineeship can provide you with the training you need while completing your high school studies. This type of training can help you gain a valuable qualification, while at the same time allowing you to keep up with the demands of a busy life.

Work/education/training/life balance in a school based traineeship

Getting a job as a teacher is like winning the lottery. There’s a lot of pressure to deliver high quality educational services. The best way to go about it is to look for a job that matches your skill set. For instance, you may be looking for a classroom or guidance assistant position. A more traditional route is to look for an internship or work experience. Regardless of your choice of employment, you’ll be rewarded with the opportunity to get your hands dirty with real-world scenarios. You’ll also get to rub elbows with your peers, and maybe even a few of your bosses. Hopefully, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward and land that coveted teaching gig. Regardless of your situation, it’s best to know your options, and take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way. Thankfully, your career coach is more than happy to help. Aside from providing insight into your future employer’s workings, a professional coach can also offer advice and guidance on your resume and cover letter.

Training towards a qualification while completing your high school studies

Whether you’re looking to kick start your career, earn some extra cash or are just looking for a new challenge, there are many possible school based traineeship options that you can do. Not only are they a good way to earn money, they can also lead to a recognised qualification. If you decide to take the plunge and start your training towards a qualification while still in high school, you’ll be able to start working in the industry you’re interested in.

To get started, you’ll need to find a school or training organisation that offers a traineeship. Then, you’ll need to decide on your career goal. Some people learn better hands-on, while others prefer to sit in a classroom. You’ll also need to consider transportation, if you plan to get to and from your training location.

Converting a school based traineeship into a full-time traineeship

Whether you are a teen looking to kick start a career or are looking for a way to finish school, converting a school based traineeship into a full-time apprenticeship can provide you with a range of benefits. These apprenticeships combine paid employment with structured training, which can give you an understanding of a particular industry and the qualifications needed to work in it.

When a traineeship is completed, a nationally recognised VET qualification is awarded. The qualification can be achieved in a range of industries. The traineeship can last from nine to 48 months, depending on the level of qualification.

Common forms, guides and policies

Various forms, guides and policies for school based traineeships have been developed to assist students and employers. A training contract is a legally binding document that outlines the training and employment arrangements for a student. It can be used to demonstrate that the student has completed all necessary training and that the employer can meet their work requirements. It must also contain a schedule that shows when the student will participate in the work.

The Department of Education (DoE) is responsible for supporting state school students in school-based traineeships. The DoE provides financial assistance for travel, accommodation, and tutorial assistance. It also administers the traineeship and apprenticeship system in Queensland. The Department of Education’s Department of School Education (DESBT) works with schools and employers to support traineeships and apprenticeships.

School-based apprentices can spend their time on the job during school holidays and may work in industries that operate at a time other than during school hours. However, they still need to spend one day a week in structured training.