For employers who are looking to hire apprentices or trainees getting financial support to reduce the cost of training and supervision is possible through the apprentices wage subsidy. Financial support is offered in the form of one of incentive payment of subsidies for wages and training as well as discounts or workers compensation. Employees are also eligible for exemptions for payroll taxes.


Who can apply for apprentices wage subsidy

All those employers who are registered and have an office or operation in the respective province are eligible to apply. However it is important that they have signed a memorandum of understanding with the department to confirm that they have someone qualified to train all the apprentices in the specific field plus they can offer the right kind of experience which is required by the training division.

As an employer you must complete and submit a form with the government body responsible for apprentice wage subsidy. They would be required to sign and fill an online application to get registered and make sure that they go through the programme guidelines to help them understand what kind of subsidies would be offered to them when they hire trainees or apprentices.


Advantages for trainees

Becoming an apprentice has its own set of advantages because it can help you actually gain Real world experience in the industry of your choice. For any individual who is looking to start working as an apprentice it is one of the best ways to gain experience. Most trainees or apprentices work in a company in which they are provided a mentor who would to teaching them all the skills of the job and they are also paid for it. This means that they are earning and learning at the same time and although they are not fully qualified they can start earning more than graduates once they are done with the apprenticeship.

Also when you complete an apprenticeship it means that you would be involved with the everyday running of a company and might also get to meet some of the most important people within the organisation.

Most apprenticeships can last from around 1 year to 4 year depending on the level and it is a great time to get into contact with all the people within the industry and build a rapport with them which would be useful for you in the future.

Becoming an apprentice is a nationally recognised qualification. Gaining traineeships and apprenticeships in Perth is easy because it is available in a number of industries and job roles. This means that there is quite a great deal of flexibility regarding the qualifications which can be gained after completing an apprenticeship program.

Also it is not necessary for the qualifications to end at intermediate or advanced levels in fact they can also move up to a degree level qualification. There are certain employers who may also wish to of apprentices a full time job within the company if they have progressed well or has shown an aptitude for the skill that they are learning.